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Flamingo With its brilliant pink facade, the Flamingo Las Vegas is as colorful as the history behind it. It seems appropriate that the Flamingo Las Vegas is a direct descendant of the hotel where modern Vegas began. Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel's original Flamingo is gone, but the hotel that bears the name continues to live up to its name. The lush gardens behind the room towers seem removed from Sin City entirely, with live African penguins, Chilean flamingos, Mandarin ducks and Koi fish frolicking in ponds and under three-story waterfalls. A number of tennis courts, swimming pools and a world-class health spa make the Flamingo seem less a casino and more of a full resort.
New York – New York The glamour and style of New York City has a home in Las Vegas. At New York Hotel & Casino Vegas visitors can take a bite of the Big Apple, enjoy Broadway-caliber entertainment, alluring nightlife and Coney Island fun. There are many touches at this hotel that will make New Yorkers fit right in at New York-New York. The resort's facade approximates the New York skyline down to the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. The interior features a casino and a bar.
Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino The Monte Carlo exemplifies a solid fusion of European refinement and true Vegas hospitality. Monte Carlo has updated many of its restaurants and even added a stop for a free tram that connects Monte Carlo to CityCenter and Bellagio. The tram stop is located in the hotel's recently renovated Street of Dreams, featuring an array of shops and venues. Another recent addition is the boutique experience on the Monte Carlo's top floor, HOTEL32. Guests at HOTEL32 feel like VIPs, with round trip limousine service to the airport, a personal suite assistant, private check in and access to a private lounge.
Mirage You may not believe your eyes upon encountering a tropical oasis in the desert, but this hotel is no mirage -- it's The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip. Timeless beauty, tropical surroundings and exceptional service make The Mirage one of the most beloved hotels in the city. Upon entering the legendary property, visitors hear the soothing sounds of waterfalls, smell the exotic flora and can stand on a bridge under the 90-foot-high glass atrium while taking in the tropical surroundings. You are in the Mirage, but it feels like Bali.
Rio Rio is a hotel with a Brazilian theme. It is located a little bit west of the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel opened in 1990 and has over 2500 suites. Rio was the first hotel in Las Vegas with only suites, that is more than just a bedroom in every hotel room.
Paris Las Vegas Paris Las Vegas is a hotel with a French theme. Outside the casino is both the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe replicated in smaller scale. The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be built in full size, but the airport is too close for it to be allowed. The hotel was opened in the fall 1999 and it has almost 3000 rooms. It has recently been renovated. Paris Las Vegas is located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, opposite to Bellagio, and with Planet Hollywood and Ballys as neigbours. A monorail station is conveniently located behind the hotel.
Luxor Luxor is a 3.5-star hotel with 30 floors and it is built like a pyramid. There are 4400 rooms and it opened 1993. Every night a huge upward spotlight lights up from the top of the pyramid. They had to dampen it slightly because of environmental reasons but the light is still strong. Even if you don't stay here, the building is a must see.
Mandalay Bay Mandalay Bay is a nice hotel at the south end on the Las Vegas Strip. It has a theme from Southeast Asia. The hotel opened in 1999 and has 3309 rooms. The buildings have a beautiful golden color that comes from the thin gold-leafed used on the windows.
Treasure Island Treasure Island on the Las Vegas Strip, now known simply as TI, is aptly named because of its many hidden treasures. A paradise for adults, TI includes some of the hippest hangouts in town, a tropical pool area with a party tub, a variety of restaurants and the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas. The hotel's exterior features a sleek marquee with the TI initials. Also outside, you can enjoy a sultry performance featuring the sexy Sirens of TI, complete with sizzling dance moves, dashing sword fights and fireworks.
Tropicana Tropicana Las Vegas has adopted a new South Beach theme. The entire edifice has gone through a $180 million renovation. Included in these renovations is the 50,000-square-foot casino, which features white marble tiling, new chairs at the slot machines and new carpet. The Tropicana's theme has lightened, brightened and headed south with tropical South Beach décor.
Excalibur Excalibur is an affordable hotel in the south part of the Strip, near the airport. The name Excalibur originates from King Arthur's legendary sword and the hotel has an obvious fairy tale theme. The hotel opened in 1990 and was then the world's largest hotel with 4008 rooms.
Caesars Palace Caesar's Palace is a 4.5-star hotel with 3348 rooms, built in the mid 60's. It has obviously been renovated several times since then and it has a fresh interioir. The design is taken from the Roman Empire with many statues and marble objects. Caesar's Palace is located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, between Bellagio and the Mirage.
Aria at CityCenter Aria and CityCenter Las Vegas was built by MGM Resorts International and it opened in December 2009. Aria is a prominent part of the CityCenter complex, which is the largest privately financed construction project in U.S. history. It cost about $11 billion and the complex has, on more than one million square metres, approximately 12.000 employees. There are 4004 rooms, including 568 suites. Buffet and poker room
Pallazzo Отель The Palazzo Las Vegas – новый корпус, прилегающий к отелю The Venetian, рассчитан на 3025 номеров. Роскошные суиты располагаются в 50-этажной башне, лобби увенчано стеклянным куполом, многоярусным комплексом фонтанов и декорировано самыми дорогими материалами. Здесь также располагается еще одни театр, в котором уже проходят известные шоу, в том числе и Бродвейские. Собственное казино, многочисленные рестораны, оранжереи пальмовых деревьев, бутики будет приятным дополнениям к роскоши номеров и высокому уровню обслуживания.
Wynn Изысканная 50-этажная бронзовая башня отеля находится на роскошной территории в 217 акров с великолепным ландшафтом, озером, полями для гольфа и, конечно же, большим казино.

Построен в 2005 г, обновлен в 2010 г.
Количество этажей: 50
Количество комнат: 2716 номеров.
Venetian Грандиозный отель-казино в сердце Лас-Вегаса представляет собой целый город развлечений с неповторимым духом Венеции, где все продумано до мельчайших деталей - от великолепных каналов с гондольерами до потолка, выполненного в стиле Сикстинской капеллы. Прекрасное дополнение к роскошному отелю - 12-этажная башня Venezia, которая состоит только из номеров повышенной комфортности Suite и является "отелем в отеле" с индивидуальным сервисом и изысканным итальянским интерьером.

Построен в 1999 г., обновлен в 2007 г.
Количество этажей: Venetian Tower - 36 этажей, Venezia Tower - 12 этажей
Количество комнат: 4027, включая 3014 Suites в Venetian Tower и 1013 Suites в Venezia Tower
Bellagio Bellagio - совершенство вкуса и элегантности. Яркие каскады света заполняют лобби отеля, освещаемого двумя тысячами восхитительных ламп ручной работы венецианского стекла, созданных всемирно известным художником Dale Chihuly. "Поющие фонтаны" Белладжио - великолепная жемчужина в роскошной коллекции отеля. Галерея изобразительного искусства отеля Белладжио - одно из самых желаемых мест для проведения известных выставок, которые путешествуют по всему миру. Шедевры Пикассо, Моне, Дега украшали стены этой галереи наряду с другими многочисленными произведениями искусства и предметами старины.

Построен в 1993 г., обновлен в 2004 г.
Количество этажей: 36
Количество комнат: 3933 номеров, включая 512 номеров категории Suite
Encore Эксцентричный интерьер отеля выполнен в азиатском стиле с использованием красных тонов и изображений бабочек. Отель входит в сеть отелей Wynn Resorts Limited и соединен с отелем Wynn переходом, где расположены бутики известных дизайнеров. В отеле есть казино, ночной клуб и концертный зал The Encore Theater, где постоянно проходят концерты и красочные шоу.

Открыт в 2008 г.
Количество комнат: 2034
Planet Hollywood As the newest member of Caesars entertainment, this Las Vegas Hotel, the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, is an exciting place to be. Located on the Las Vegas Strip, this hotel offers spacious rooms and bathrooms, as well as nearly three acres of casino entertainment.
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino MGM Grand counts as the world's second largest hotel with 5044 rooms. It opened the 1993 and it is located on the south Strip near the airport. They have the Las Vegas Strip's largest casino of about 16.000 m². Even the pool area (35,000 m²) is huge with five outdoor pools, an artificial river and waterfalls. Our favourite pool area!
Harrahs Hotel & Casino The celebration starts outside the casino at Carnaval Court, an outdoor lounge that features hot bands and flair bartenders. Souvenir kiosks, shops and food stands complete the street-fair ambience. When entering the casino from Carnaval Court, two jester statues representing magic and jubilance usher guests inside with the message "The party has already started." Nowhere is this clearer than just inside at The Piano Bar, where dueling pianos and all-star karaoke keep the energy high.
Circus Circus Located on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, Circus Circus has been a family favorite for years. With circus acts at the midway, thrilling rides in the Adventuredome and gourmet dining at The Steak House, this hotel has something for everyone. Since opening in 1968, Circus Circus has appeared on screen in many films. It was a malevolent wonderland in Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and a backdrop to foreign intrigue in "Diamonds Are Forever." The quirky romance between Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington blossoms in front of the iconic clown marquee in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery."

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